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Fully programmed basic arcade game with joystick support, part of a big collection of arcade games I released for my site 40000 visitor record. This is a basic pacman game featuring random moving ghosts and bonus items


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User comments

 - K - os - Development posted at 2005-03-24 13:32:49Quote
Can you add this version of pacman?

SD: I only have my own examples on this website. Also I do not put up executables but only opensource projects as this site is there for people to learn rather then to show of my '1337' programming skills. :)
 Bravemaster posted at 2005-12-03 22:50:44Quote
Nice, joystick suport feature's neato.
 Blijbol Software posted at 2006-03-11 18:49:57Quote
Well, I must say the Game Information is very interesting :)

platformer met omhoogscrollend scherm
kikker oversteken
race spel met ontwijken hindernissen (vliegtuig) <----
duif schieten
doolhof met beperkt zicht
vul zo groot vak zonder dat bal je arm raakt
1945 (misschien in space omgeving) <--------
ontwijk grote vissen, eet kleine vissen op <------
midget golf <----------------------------
Pharao (google)
 Smerfik posted at 2007-07-29 20:22:03Quote
Good Ots Wbijac na niego
 eph_ posted at 2007-10-23 11:46:17Quote
look interesting but too complex for the starter :D
try to make less complicated like not using code
keep it up!!!
 Anonym posted at 2008-04-19 06:15:44Quote
I was hoping to learn how to make a useful ghost ai for my personal pacman game, because it gets quite boring if the ghosts don't chase you, also people always criticize that about my game...
 Anonymous posted at 2008-04-26 23:22:29Quote
Anyway you could make it with the original Pacman AIs? Thats what I'm about to start tackling, and I can't find any code thats not assembly.
 chris posted at 2008-07-27 20:52:31Quote
try googling it coz im getting there. my pac-man game has massive really MASSIVE levels init. so then i have to add a load of ghosts to cover the area. its not like cat n mouse either lol. thats all your hearing from me coz ima goin now. c ya
 edwardc posted at 2010-04-10 17:39:02Quote
hi there my name is edward