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Fully programmed basic arcade game with joystick support, part of a big collection of arcade games I released for my site 40000 visitor record. This is a basic snake game which can be easely upgraded with extra levels


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User comments

 MR.SMES! posted at 2007-04-07 12:44:05Quote
A eitable tutorial on how to make a snake game would be nice. of course i'd be throwing new advanced things into my version and then a whole lot more new better cooler things. also it'd have a new game play style.
 Banzai Jr. posted at 2007-07-16 00:03:46Quote
Hi, Simon.
I have played the game to have a look at it how its made.
One thing i do not get is why your snake dies when you are moving downwards en then press te "up" key. its game over when it happens.