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Snake 2

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Simon's Snake is a Snake game made for an EO competition. The goal was to make a Snake game in 3 hours time.
Inspired by an online flash game from Miniclip

I like your snake game, Deg

That's a wonderful little game.
Considering it was made in 3 hours :0
Graphics are nice, Mr. Hyun

Chronic: I tried SimonDonkers snake game but found it to hard to control
SimonDonkers: why do people always complain about the difficulty of my games?
Deg: lol


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User comments

 Navi posted at 2006-08-09 23:18:29Quote
Nice example, this is the first snake game to use 360 rotation. I'm trying to find a 360 Lib.
 Robin posted at 2010-03-04 15:51:09Quote
How did you made it in game maker?