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Bacteria 2
An opensource logic puzzle game to learn from.
More »102006-07-28 00:00:00
Blocks is a fully completed open source puzzle game.
More »72006-07-27 15:22:28
A remake of the classical G7000 game.
More »02006-07-21 00:00:00
Asteroids 3D
A very simple 3D asteroids game.
More »22006-07-21 00:00:00
Inventory tutorial
A beginners tutorial on how to make an inventory.
More »732006-07-20 15:22:28
How to execute a script
A novice tutorial describing how to run a script.
More »262006-07-20 15:22:28
Moving platforms tutorial
A beginners tutorial about moving platforms.
More »702006-07-20 15:22:28
Platform movement engine
An easy to use cut and paste platform engine.
More »512006-07-20 15:22:27
Move towards instance nearest
An easy to use script for a homing missile.
More »302006-07-20 15:22:26
Save and load script
A script for a simple Windows save and load window.
More »492006-07-20 15:22:25
The Incredible machine
A simple game made for an official GM competition.
More »22006-07-20 00:00:00
Snake 2
A simple snake game with 360 degree rotation.
More »22006-07-20 00:00:00
Map generator
An RTS map generator to devide sections.
More »102006-02-28 16:32:17
Coding efficiency
How to write efficient and what's fastest speedwise.
More »142006-02-26 20:44:09
Common flaws within GM games
What are some common game designs flaws to avoid.
More »42006-02-26 16:03:03
A simple example of a fully functional pacman game.
More »92005-02-09 21:59:07
Space Invaders
A simple example of a fully functional space invaders game.
More »62005-02-09 21:53:29
A simple example of a fully functional tetris game.
More »72005-02-09 21:52:51
A simple example of a fully functional snake game.
More »22005-02-09 21:52:50
A simple example of a fully functional breakout game.
More »102005-02-09 21:52:47
A simple example of a fully functional asteroids game.
More »22005-02-09 21:52:46
Race game
A simple example of a fully functional race game.
More »82005-02-09 21:52:41
Fader example
An example of a fade animation between rooms.
More »112005-02-02 13:10:04
3D Game Maker logo
An example of d3d showing the GM logo in full 3D.
More »132004-12-04 15:25:57
Isometric grid based movement script
A basic example off isometric grid based movement.
More »182004-08-06 14:46:26
Windows open screen
An advanced system for a custom save dialog.
More »82004-08-04 15:46:09
Destructable terrain
An advanced Worms like destructabe terrains system.
More »62004-07-22 15:35:13
Masterclass Game Design
An article on a meeting with the creator of GameMaker
More »32004-06-09 15:51:12
An advanced example to find rhyme words for you.
More »32004-06-01 14:42:49
Seemingly infinitive map
An example of a seemingly infinitely large map.
More »22004-05-31 15:39:51
Sprite enlarge
A basic example of image handling like Word.
More »52004-03-17 15:43:46
Circulair radar script
A simple to use script for a GTA like radarscreen.
More »262004-02-16 15:09:19
Masks tutorial
A novice tutorial describing what masks are.
More »192004-02-15 14:39:20
Highscore list
An example of a custom highscore window
More »62004-02-05 15:42:10
Circulair movement script
A simple script to let an object circle around a point.
More »102004-01-18 14:49:00
Message box script
A script for a functional RPG textbox system.
More »182004-01-12 15:12:30
Grid based movement
A simple example of a grid based movement system.
More »42004-01-06 15:45:02
Game update example
An example of an internet based game update system.
More »152003-12-09 15:46:53
Mouse script
An advanced script for a custom mouse object.
More »72003-10-20 15:15:11
Windows menu script
A script for a basic windows dropdown menu.
More »82003-10-20 15:07:33
Textfield script
A simple script for a basic windows textfield.
More »72003-10-20 15:05:23
Radio and Check button script
A script to make windows radio and check buttons.
More »42003-10-20 15:03:35
Slider bar
A script for a simple windows slider bar.
More »62003-10-20 15:00:20
String replace example
A string replace example that works on a directory.
More »02003-07-15 15:48:14
Move at click
A very basic RTS like move at click example.
More »52003-06-20 15:49:15
Polygon drawing example
A very simple example off how to draw a polygon.
More »22003-06-18 15:50:30

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