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Game Maker logoThis website is about Game Maker from professor Mark Overmars ( Game Maker is a 4th generation rapid game development environment with an easy to use interface making it accasable to non programmers. This combined with a powerful functional 3th generation programming interface allows you to make high quality games in a short period of time. Due to it's ease of use Game Maker is often used as a teaching tool for students to introduce them to programming and also gained Game Maker much popularity under children. However Game Maker is not a clildren tool and it's fully capable of creating very powerful commercial quality games. Game Maker is available free of charge but there is a registered version for €15, $20 which removes the banner when starting a game and opens up several advanced powerful functions including multiplayer, complex drawing functions, 3D and DLL's.

I am a student Applied Physics, 20 years old, from the Netherlands. I have been using Game Maker since 2002 and have created a large profile of games. I am co-admin of the Dutch Game Maker Community and member of Eo Game Development Community. I've been a Game Maker memtor for an extensive period of time and have worked as a teacher in Game Maker for IMC weekendschool and Media Plaza. My latest game Bacteria 2 has received many positive reviews and won several prices. Lately I've been working on commercial products together with various companies in both Game Maker and other languages. I'm always looking for new challanges to take on, feel free to make me an offer.

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