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Game Maker Official

Official Game Maker Website Official Game Maker Website The official Game Maker website with the download link of Game Maker and also several tutorials and games available for download
Official Game Maker Community Official Game Maker Community The official Game Maker Community. This very active forum contains many examples and tutorials. This forum also is the best place to ask questions related to Game Maker.


Game Maker Games Game Maker Games A very big collection of games made with Game Maker. This website also has a very good staff rating system which allows you to easely find some high quality games.
Game Maker Showcase Game Maker Showcase A big collection of games made with Game Maker.Also contains reviews for these games.
CSOS Lite Game Hippo Big collection of freeware games.
Home of the Underdogs Home of the Underdogs A very big collection of underappreciated games. Contains some Game Maker games as well.
Retro Remakes Retro Remakes A website aimed at remakes of classical games. Last year competition winner was the Game Maker game Legend of Shadow.
EO Community EO Community A group of talented game designers of which I am proud to be a member.

Game Maker

Game Maker Companion Game Maker Companion A collection site with a big FAQ and several tutorials about Game Maker.
Carl's Game Maker Pages Carl's Game Maker Pages A very big collection of examples about Game Maker. Also contains some very good tutorials. (wait a while as this page loads slowly)
CSOS Lite CSOS Lite Chronic's website with several examples and scripts for Game Maker.
Project DEV Project DEV Very informative and resourcefull site, highly recommandable.
Game Maker OffTopic Game Maker Offtopic The unofficial GM offtopic forum.
Rob's Newsletter Rob's newsletter A very nice newsletter about Game Maker news.
Game Maker Data Magazine Game Maker Data Magazine Another very nice newsletter about Game Maker and the gaming buseness.
The Scratchware Manifesto The Scratchware Manifesto A manifest for indie game developers

My other sites

Simon, my portal website
Simon, my Dutch portal website
Games . Simon, my freeware games website.
Fontys Da Vinci, website of the Fontys Da Vinci project. I'm PR member, website maintainer and helped set up the Faethon project.


Chronic, Darthlupi, Deg, Hyun, Lonekiewie, Mocha Man, Neverest, Richard, Shaltif, Tapeworm, TurquoiseStar, viestituote, Wolverine, YoMamasMama, Yourself


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