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Common flaws within GM games

German translation A german translation of this article is made by Windapple and is available at the German GMC.

Within the GMC we have about 250 new creations posted within the last month. How to make sure people notice your creation? To find out about this I am going to discuss various things seen at the GMC, which you should not do. Because knowing what other people do wrong will make sure that you don't make the same mistake. 


 Maze game
Maze game tutorial by Mark Overmars
Make your level look varied with different gfx

When making a game you must make it varied. Nobody likes to see the same thing over and over again. When I am walking to a 3D level I do not want to see the same texture over and over again. When I am playing a maze game I do not want to play the same maze over and over again. People want variation. Each level should be different. Give the level a different look by using a different texture, a different, a different level design, some changing background music and perhaps some different enemy sprites. With such a few small changes you can already make a great variation within a game. And if the game keeps looking varied then people keep playing it.


Many games these days add a piece of music because it is the only music part they can find. If the music doesn’t fit with the game then do not add it. Bad music will make people stop playing your game instantly. If I dislike the music at a certain game I usually quit. Music should enhance the feeling of the level, not completely ruin it. Music should stay in the background and never take up my attention. Bad music will distract me from the game and only keep me distracted and annoyed with the music. This makes me keep pressing all buttons at the keyboard to stop that music rather then enjoy playing this game. A game is better without music than with music that doesn’t fit the game.




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