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Bacteria 2

I am proud to present, Bacteria 2. Bacteria 2 features:

  • Easy, normal and hard mode
  • Arcade mode with many unlockables
  • Much improved graphics
  • Multiplayer mode, both online and offline

What other people say about Bacteria 2:

Addicting, very addicting...with an incredible beginning. Almost made me think I was watching a movie - Ablach Blackrat

Game Maker wouldn't be the first thought on my mind if I found this from the internet, no sign of any of the common GM flaws - Viestituote

Very fun game. I love the multiplayer! It is such an inspiration. Everything works and works well. Thank you for making it Simon. You are a great programmer - Darthlupi

Best GM puzzle game around and easily up there with the best of the non-GM and commercial puzzle games. Damn fine work. Completely professional standard. - Wolverine

Bacteria 2 has been awarded the EO seal of quality.

Note: this resource is not released under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 but under a Custom licence